January 29, 2009

What A Week!

Hi there, I'm Back! My mom and her sweet friend just left and I can not thank them enough for driving out here to give me, my husband and the boys much needed R&R!

This past weekend was my birthday and Matt and the boys and I all went to the Broadmore in Colorado Springs! It was so special and whoa so beautiful!!! Here is a photo from their website, but being that it is winter... just imagine a blanket of soft snow enshrouding it!

Ohhhh at night the snow glowed from twinkle lit trees all over... just breathe taking!

In the morning I got the princess treatment with a spa day! Leaving early in the am, all was quiet as I walked a path laced with lanterns and trees that could tell stories from centuries ago! Warm sunbeams streamed through the trees and soft snow fell from the sky like diamonds... A stunning lake half covered with ice was a rest spot for geese... steam rose from the waters edge, it was magical! Right before I turned to walk into the spa, the geese began to honk and they all took flight, hundreds of them... it was like out of a movie and I was the only one outside to witness this majestic site! God spoke, "Happy Birthday My Daughter" to my heart in that moment, oh how I felt loved!

Entering the spa was like walking into the movie, Pride and Prejudice! I felt so honored to be there... Like little orphan Annie mingling with old money! I didn't belong, I felt way outta my league, but non the less drank in its beauty as I sipped my cucumber water and relaxed on a cloud while being hugged by a warm fuzzy robe!

When we came home we dropped the boys off and Matt and I went on a date! Oh so nice to just be with my husband... not having family nor anyone to watch Abby and the boys this was a rare treat! As we entered the house my mom, Tammy and the boys screamed out, "SURPRISE"!!!! They had decorated the house and bought me a cake! How sweet it was to see my boys so elated that they orchestrated this whole ordeal with a little help from mom & Tammy!

I am so touched that you would do this for me!
I am honored and blessed to have each one of you as sisters in Christ!
Thank you for making my 40th easy to swallow!
(((HUGS))) to you all!!!

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