February 5, 2009

Sorry It's Been SOOO Long!

I must admit that I withdrawal from time to time. I find that if I am overwhelmed in life, a bath... a book... a movie... sweats, no makeup and a pony-tail become my friends and I burrow in and don't come out for awhile. I wish I was not like this but I am and I am sorry for not posting on what has been going on with us. I know I have alot to catch up on with you all, and I've got alot to catch you all up on with us, so here it goes from my side of the fence...

My blood tests came back and attested that I do indeed have or had Fifths disease. Some of my other levels are high with different things but all in all I am o.k!

As soon as I began to feel better, Joey and I spent Super Bowl Sunday in the ER due to the worst case of Croup they have seen. Two days later my face (cheeks and neck) had a itchy rash all over. I took the pink stuff which helped, but now my "whole body" has some sort of non raised rash all over that itches and is driving me nuts! Joey, since we left the ER, has had red arms but no itch and Jacob came home from school today with a low grade fever and really bad sore throat! Abby is seizing more now and will cry out in immense pain before she has a big episode. She is still not attending school and hopefully we will resolve this soon. I am still battling our insurance regarding nursing, I think this will be a long one, but will keep you all updated with what's going on. So, all in all we are DOING WONDERFUL!

I have made a doctor appointment for the boys tomorrow and am hoping I can slip in my itchy issues and see what the doc says! I am VERY thankful that Abby has been virus free with all this going on and would ask that we all pray she continues to be!

I can clearly say that I DETEST being 40 thus far as I have done nothing but fall apart! I was hoping things would click for me mentally all the time, that I would instantly become more mature.. but, my thoughts are foggy, I'll start a sentence forget what I was going to say but won't even bother to question as to what I was trying babble out! My body, well you know, oh and gravity, well this lovely thing has become my new UNWANTED friend... Growing old is a thing of beauty, really!

So that's us in a nutshell. But you know with all this said and done I don't want to seem ungrateful for all the blessings I do have! This is just reality for me now. I don't want to be fake, nor will I try and be. This life and this cross that I carry sometimes just down right stinks for seasons (big or small) but, God IS on His throne, His hand IS upon my life whether I am preserved or falling apart, so I WILL persevere, I WILL "try" and see His goodness in all, and I am SO thankful for moments like these that keep me smiling and keep me going!

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