January 22, 2009

What is going on with me?

I have another prayer request. As of late, between my shoulder blades, my wrists, elbows, knees, and ankles are all in serious pain. I don't have any idea how this has happened, but I can barely make it up or down the stairs without sever pain, and trying to lift Abby with my wrists and sit with her bending my knees just about makes me gasp. I keep hoping that whatever this is will get better by the next day, today I woke up with absolutely no relief and my hands are swollen and some fingers are numb, Advil does nothing.

I have no nursing until Tuesday next week and I am a bit paranoid as to how I am going to take care of Abby with all the lifting that is required. Otherwise I feel fine, no fever, no sickness, so I am stumped as to why I am experiencing this! No I have not seen a doctor, they never know what is going on and just take up your time and money. I know the best physician there is and just ask that you join me in prayer.

Sorry I have not been posting much, I am tired and this pain is taking it's toll on me. Nothing has changed with the insurance paying for her nursing, so she is not going any longer to school nor is she getting her much needed therapies either.

thank you for your prayers, I am so thankful to have prayer warriors out there requesting on my behalf.

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