January 16, 2009


Oh what an awful day this has turned out to be! Shortly after I posted about Abby's seizures, I got a call from our nursing company, PSA saying that they got a call from our insurance company case manager who said they are no longer going to be paying for nursing! He said that Abby is not qualified due to she is going to school, and her seizures are better. That's it, just like that, check this ones done... DENIED!

Why is it that when a child has a NEED the insurance companies make you fight for it? Its not like I'm asking for a horse so she can ride around for pleasure.

These items are NEEDED to aid in making their lives better, these items are NEEDED in order for them to survive, these items are NEEDED so they can live!

My insurance company tells me that they are removing nursing so Abby's monies can be spread out and not used up so fast! So what happens when a MAJOR surgery comes up, do they not pay for it because they feel the monies should remain spread out? How can they dictate this? How is nursing any less of importance than a surgery or equipment or supplies?

In the life of a disabled child these are all extremely important!

Oh I feel like I have just been raked over the coals... I'm tired, tired of fighting... why must the ones that need it the most shed blood and tears fighting for it. I am my daughter advocate and I will fight until the very end for her... I won't give up, I won't!

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