December 2, 2008

Gone So Soon!

Hey all I hope your Thanksgiving was a blessing!  Ours was and now it is soooo quiet as family has left, the kids are back in school and the only sound I hear is the heater humming.  When you don't have family living near you the time spent with this flys by too quickly!  It like Thanksgiving dinner... take hours to prepare, but once its on the table its over in 20 min! 

My sweet love is gone for the week so I am left alone with the little ones to tend this week and my upper back and neck have been acting up... Its always something leaving me yearning for that perfection in heaven!  

So now that all is quiet, I have turned into a cleaning machine with the urge to purge... not sure why, just want less clutter!  Spring cleaning comes for me in December too, I guess with the snow arriving and having to hunker down for the winter I don't want to feel closed in at home. I don't know about you, but with Abbs we don't get out in the winter very much.  I am hoping the boys will be able to run away to the mountains for some skiing and sledding so at least they can get out, but me and Abbs will be home. 

Its overwhelming for me to think of packing up the family and Abbs with all her stuff which equals our family luggage just to run off somewhere and un-pack and do what I do at home without a lot of the convenience.  Do you feel this way or is it just me?  Sometime I feel guilty about feeling like this, but honestly it bum's me out that we all can't go out in the snow and play!  I know, I know, yes I could get her all bundled up and take her out, but walking in the snow/slippery icy spots with a child that relies completely on me and my bad back is not a good combo!  Not to mention that she is so sensitive to light and the snow reflecting the sun would be too much even with glasses on.  What are your thoughts?  Do you get out with your sweet one and if you do what do you do and where do you venture too?

Miss you all, glad to be back and hope to hear from ya!

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