September 27, 2008

Change Is A Blowin' In The Wind!

Abbs is doing a number on my lower back and with no nursing... We had to do something and quick!  I never realized how much I pick up, put in, lift out, pull up, go upstairs, come down stairs, push around, strap in, buckle up, sit down, get up, bounce up, bounce down, pull apart, put together, take out and put back all day long.... phew and I am sure I left a few out.  

Even now as I type my spine is stinging and aching all over!  So the remedy?  Schmabadozie is moving down stairs and daddy's having to give up his office.  Well, he's not too bad off, he gets Abb's room upstairs with a private bathroom!  Today I have moved furniture (abbs) down stairs, re-painted, re-hung photos, cleaned and now daddy has his office... as you see below, Schmabs is still in the great room cauz I'm still preparing her room, painting and setting up.  I hope that tomorrow we can get daddy's heavy desk outta there and move her stuff in!  I know all this is adding to my back problems, but in the end... it should pay off! 

You will notice that my little darling is not bugged at all by her little world being turned upside down!  Shes just as happy as a little clam!  She keeps me going and I just can't smoochy on her enough!  Those cheeks are just too lovable!  

Just a quick update on the surgery, I am waiting on possible dates and then we move from there.  Dr. Weiner did say that it's 2 surgeries not one.  1st they go in an lay grids on her brain to locate the seizure activity (long process) close her up and a week later go back and then remove that portion of the brain.  Hearing more about what they do makes my stomach queasy and I start to rationalize that she is doing fine and we don't need to do this...  OH it's so hard on the emotions!  I know its a good thing and may cure her of epilepsy all together, but does not make it easy on a mamma's heart.  The doctor said that he has done over 700 of these surgeries and that about 15% do not work. Ugh, so much and I don't feel like talking about it.  Thanks everyone for all your support in praying for us... here is a quick pray request that we have asked some to pray for.

1.  Consistent wisdom in this decision
2.  God's peace as we cling to our decision
3.  Someone to go with me 
4.  Flight arrangements that will be a good fit for Abby with all her equipment
5.  Wisdom for the doctors
6.  That she would not be the 1% statistic that gets infection after the surgery
7.  That Matt would have help with the boys while we are gone 

Thanks for sticking with us and walking along side us as we tarry down this road!  Tam

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