September 24, 2008

My Biggest Complaint

In light of what I have already been through with my daughter this post is really nothing more than a vent session regarding an inconvenience that I seem to deal with a lot!

I want to know is what's going on in the work force these days?  What happened to words once woven through the fabric of mission statements, but more importantly the caliper of the human race?  

Words like;


These words seem to have disappeared all together!  They are a facade on the resume to make one appear with high standards!  Yeah, people say they have these qualities, but when put up against the wall, backed into a corner or put to test... they scatter like cockroaches when the lights turn on! 

This is my complaint with nursing!  Once again I am without one, because boardum has set in and the reality of home care nursing is not all you thought it to be and/or a higher paying job opened!   Who cares about the family you ditch because your always looking for something better, who cares that they depended upon you!  Who cares that their jobs are directly affected because the care they entrusted to you for their child no longer exists!!!

Do you not know how difficult it is to have a complete stranger come into your home?  Or how hard it is to trust a stranger with our most prized possession not to mention our home and belongings?  Do you not take into consideration that its a FAMILY that you are joining and not just a job? Do you not take into consideration that siblings of this child you care for have to get used to a complete stranger in their "safe place"?  Do you not consider that once you enter a home, the FAMILY is at bay with everything because you are there?  

Where is your commitment & perseverance to a job and seeing it through? Where is your loyalty to the child and family?  Where is your dedication to a job that you paid a fortune in time and money? 

Nursing is working with PEOPLE, sick and hurt ones at that!  A job caring for pediatrics or geriatrics is not something to toss around because something better comes along. This field that you have chosen is PERSONAL even if you are told not to get "attached"!  If you are that cold to withhold emotions and treat a patient like a object, your in the wrong career!

Keep in mind that your paycheck is inked and distributed by the company that you work for, but the monies deposited into your account are being withdrawn from the CHILD'S, parents or grandparents  insurance which most likely has a cap and when it's gone, it's GONE.  So take a moment to contemplate the wake you leave behind as you carelessly go from one job to the next without devotion, yet taking money!

I am not much for karma, but what I do know... you reap what you sow!  So before you go an accept that "job" of caring for a sick human being, think long and hard of the aspirations and the dreams you once had... the ones that were so strong they drove you and pushed you through school to get you to where you are today.  

These dreams and aspirations, they should be at the heart of your work ethics, commitment, loyalty, dedication and perseverance, for this is what nursing is all about, maintaining, aiding, helping and caring for the human race!  

I leave you with Meg Ryan's response to Tom Hank in You've Got Mail...

Tom:   "It wasn't personal"
Meg: "What's that suposto mean?  I'm so sick of that...  All that means is that it wasn't personal to you!  It was personal to me, it's personal to a lot of people.  What's so wrong with being personal anyway... because whatever else anything is it ought to begin by being personal!"

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