August 21, 2008

Wheelchairs.... Suggestions anyone?

Hi all, I have been looking into getting different chair for Abbs and wanted to know what you all use for your little ones.  I know most of them are all so little still and maybe use a stroller still.  I do too, the Bugaboo.  

For me I have not seen a wheelchair for little ones that look comfortable.  Abby is in her stroller about 75% of the time, so we need something that is comfy and user friendly, NOT medical looking (more for me) or that would hurt her little bum sitting for a long period of times.   I think I found something that I really like, its not a wheelchair, but a stroller made by Pram. 

I wanted to hear from all the momma's out there in the blogger world and what you use, like, dislike, etc.  

So if anyone is interested in a practically new Bugaboo, never used bassinet attachment with all them trimmings let me know! 

Thanks, Tam

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