August 21, 2008

Nurse Carrie

Well, we have some sad news and some great news.  Nurse Katie had to leave us! Boohoo, we were so sad that she could not continue on with us, but she had good reasons for leaving, so we couldn't get too mad at her not to mention we will see her all the time cauze her little one will be going to the same school as Jacob, Joey and Abby too!  We miss you Kaite!!!!!!  

Now we have Nurse Carrie and we just love her!  She is so good with Abby!  Nurse Carrie is an RN with a heart of gold!  She tells stories to Abb's all the time and plays with her constantly! She also is really great at putting Abby to sleep with her sweet voice. Nurse Carrie is with us 4 days a week and she has and continues to be a great blessing to us all!  

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