August 27, 2008

Talk About Your Emotional Roller Coaster!

Just spoke to Dr. Devinskie and he is going to up Abby dose of the Zonegram and decrease her dose of Sabril.  We are to try this for two weeks and then I am to call him for a report on her seizure activity and any changes in her mood.  He said we have given the Sabril every chance and now he would like to give the Zonegram a try.

I sheepishly asked if he had any information on the boards decision and he told me that it had not happened yet!  He said there were two emergencies and they had to post pone the conference for another two weeks so he might know something by then.  I-yei-yi!  This whole waiting process is doing a number when I allow myself to ponder it.  For the most part I have just been thinking of everything else but that.

I can not tell you all how thankful I am for all your continued prayer and support you have given me during this time especially!  Thank you all and all I can say is that we will continue to keep you updated as I know more.  

God is Good and very much in control, has His reasons beyond my understanding, is infinite in wisdom and loves Abby more than I ever could...  How refreshing and peaceful to know this and I am rest assured that no matter what, it's all ganna work out the way it should, and has been planned way before the heavenly stars were displayed in all their beauty!  

Abb's is still seizing... sleeping more than normal and she has her good days and bad day... and now we are adding a new molar breaking through to the mix.  Poor little lambkin!!!  

Love to all!  Tam & Abb's

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