August 28, 2008

A Historical Day For Abby Grace!

Today was a very big day for my little Lamb!  Our hippotherapist, Saundra awhile back mentioned to us that she would like to see if the Hart Walker would benefit Abby.  She explained what it was and that there were others out there that we could look into, but this one in particular allows the person to freely walk without being bound.  Still not knowing what exactly she meant, she gave me a CD that showed what it was through others using it and walking with no human assistance!  I loved it and set up an appointment to have Abbs fitted and to try it out!  

So, we went and met Saundra, put Abby in this contraption and I tell you it was something else to see my daughter actually standing all by herself (well un-human assisted)!  When she held her head up I could see how tall she was and "imagine" in my heart what she would look like walking around like a normal tader-tot!   To be a mother and walk around the room with your child there with you while they stand on the floor next to you is a luxury that I finally got to experience 3.5 years into her life! Oh the things we take for granted!  I was having so much fun walking around her, talking to her trying to get her to walk to me, taking photo's of this historical day for me and my heart!  

Abbs didn't really know what to do.  She has never really put weight on her legs and cognitively told them to go!  This standing and feeling the freedom to move one foot in front of the other is a whole new sensation for her!  I just loved watching her stand there, I was in awe!  I think I shot over 150 pictures of mostly the same thing... her standing, but it was just so awesome!!!

She did move her left foot forward here and there, I was not expecting to see a miracle, well I did... my daughter stood all by herself and liked it!  After awhile she grabbed the tie and decided to suck on it, but she did it STANDING!!!!  YEAH ABBY!

Well, enough of my excitement.  We ended up bringing the Hart Walker home for her to try out for a week and then, if we think it's a good fit for her we will order one.  I was looking at all the equipment in my living room tonight... thinking man this is not what I had in mind for decorating!  All this equipment that comes with along with a child with disabilities.... well let's just say I am glad that we never bought living room furniture!

So here are some photo's (just a few don't wanna bore you with duplicates) of Abbs living out this historical day, August 28th, 2008 the day Abby stood and took a few tiny steps all by her widdo self!

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