August 29, 2008


So... here's my thoughts.  Since we can't all get together and visit at each others homes, I thought we could share our little ones equipment and rooms with each other, via blogging! We all know that if we were to go into each of our homes, one hot topic would be the interest in rooms and equipment!  I think it's always fun to see what everyone else is using and to get tips and ideas for our little ones.  Most of her equipment has come from the company LECKY ( check em out!  

The bugaboo stroller has been wonderful, but I am expecting her new one on Thursday of next week. It's call the MUTSY 4Rider ( check it out!  We are switching because she eventually will need one that holds a higher weight capacity.  The Bugaboo is an awesome stroller, but only goes to 40LBS and the Mutsy goes to 55LBS and higher.  I will post on it once I get it to give my review along with photo's!  For those of us who don't like medical hospital looking equipment (ME!!!!) I will go as long as I can without having to get a wheelchair!  Keep ya posted. Oh and yes, I have sold the bugaboo for those of you who have asked.
This white "Toy Hanger" is made of PVC piping! With a little imagination you can do a lot with this stuff!  This hanger fits perfect over her bouncy chair so she has toys that hang directly above her.  It also fits over her stroller, and if she is lying on the floor it keeps her busy!  The lights I got a Home Depot two years ago Christmas, they are big and so fun to look at in the night time.  Her bouncy is the last thing is in before bed time, so a little music, fun lights and toys she is set to go!

The Squiggles chair and stander both from Lecky are wonderful!  I wanted the top of the line stuff for Abbs, had to fight for it, but it was worth it!  Their products are so well made, durable and very comfortable.  Most equipment, is metal with barely any padding and not comfortable!  My child can't tell me if she hurts, so I want the best and the Lecky products are very cushiony and soft!

The red material on her trays is that stuff for your fridge non-slip grip liner.  I use this because she pushes everything off her trays and this helps secure fun toys on her trays and helps keep them there.

The little Blues Clues chair is a blow up one.  I saw this in the discount rack at WalMart for $1.99 and bought it because it's soft, comfortable and just the right height for her feet to sit on floor.  We can practice sitting up with the 90 degree angle she needs.

The bouncy ball is so fun!  I hold her and sit on it and bounce!  I get my exercise and she get vestibular stimulation and loves it!

If any of you have any questions about her stuff, ask... I would love to share in more detail what she uses and where we got it.  Hope you all follow suit, cause I'd love to see your stuff too.  Again feel free to ask away!  Tam

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