July 15, 2008

Quick Update

I spoke to Dr. Devinskie this afternoon and told him that Abby is seizing still. I could hear the disappointment in his sigh, and he quickly retorted that we increase her amount one last time. If she improves by 20%-30% I am to call him back in two weeks. If she has not improved by 20%-30% then I am to call in one week. She is going to be on a very high dose of Sabril and I am a bit nervous and well have to watch for the yucky and scary side effects. This last increase has given her really bad acidic BM's and they leave her raw! She has been more on the fussy side as of late and its become a little weary on me because she wants to be held STANDING UP and did I mention ALL THE TIME.... Why is it they have to be held this way, how do they know we sit and why does this matter so? This has become so tiring on my back but I just love her so, its really taking its toll on me. Come 7pm I am completely tuckered out and want to go to bed! I am so thankful that I have nursing during the day, although I can not sleep... Katie is such a blessing! I covet your continued prayer and thank you all for your sweet encouraging comments, I feel so loved and blessed to have you as my friends! Tam

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