July 26, 2008

Our Trials & Miles Apart, Have Brought Us Together!

Wow, we finally got to meet and what a blessing it was! Cathy is everything and more precious than what I already knew! I am so honored to have been able to whisk her away for a short time, share our hearts and feel so connected and at home with her. Ladies, this woman is amazing and her heart is insurmountable for her family and little sweet Annabel! I am lucky to call her my friend and thankful that God has crossed our paths to encourage one another, I cherish our friendship... what a joy you are Cathy! Her sweet daughter Tara joined us for a fun afternoon and I am so glad she did! What a treasure she is, so sweet... I loved to see her interact with Annabel! Here are some photos of our time together!

I must say if there is EVER an opportunity for you to connect with a mother and child that you have connected with via blogging... MAKE IT HAPPEN! I love this day and will forever cherish it in my heart! Little Miss Annabel is a brilliant twinkling star that is so full of life I could not get enough of her!!!!!!!! I tell you she lights ups... She has the cutest smile, her eyes laugh with such joy and her little body does this amazing "Tickle-Me-Elmo" dance that makes my heart sing with laughter! Oh how I miss her so and wished we could have had one more day together! She truly is a little angel that God has blessed us with here on earth... I can say that I am so, so blessed to have met her, witnessed her beautiful smile, heard her infectious laugh and felt those sweet little hands reach up and touch my face... OHHH I JUST LOVE IT SOOOOO! Annabel I love you, little one! Thank you for the many, many smiles and laughter we shared together, May our sweet Savior bless your sweet heart, Tamara

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