July 13, 2008

Seizure Update

It's early Sunday morning and I just couldn't sleep, so many little ones that I am thinking of often and praying for. It's amazing how just reading these stories daily... they each take a piece of my heart... they have become family to me... I love all my little kiddos out there in this blogging world!

Abby's seizures have not stopped. I don't know how I feel about it. I am kinda numb right now and kinda temping fate at the same time to see how far it will actually go, how long can I cling to not crossing that bridge before I fall apart and allow my mind to question, question, question?

Part of me feels that when I call Dr. Devinskie in a couple of days & he ups the dose that it will stop her seizures, so why worry. Then I think, will she always be on this huge dose and for how long and what if it only works for a short time?

What if we have to do surgery... I don't want to open this can of worms... there is a gate in my heart that is bulging and close to bursting with so many horrible thoughts of things that can go wrong! Have you ever felt like someone/thing has literally punched your heart and your heart really hurts, this is how I feel....

I just wanna ask for your continued prayer please. I know beyond measure that Jesus has her in His hands... All I have to do is look back and remember what He has asked us to walk through, how he carried us, loved us and showered mercy and peace on us............ I know He will again whatever the outcome.................. sad.... I am just so sad......

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