May 28, 2008

Quiet Time?

Remember back when we were all single how easy things were. I know that I had all the time in the world, to exercise, take a shower or bath, apply my make-up, do things at my pleasure and time galore to read whenever and wherever!

I was just wondering if any mom's out there in this blogging world have suggestions as to how they creatively find quiet time to have devotions without it being at 1am in the morning when its all I can do to muster up the strength to keep one eye lid 1/2 way open!

Does anyone else struggle like this or is it just me? Finding that spot in my day that can be consistent to spend time with the Lord is like trying to find gold in my dirt in the backyard!!! I get overwhelmed and then "quiet time" becomes an item on a check off list and guilt sets in if it is not checked off and it should not be this way! I know the Lord knows we as moms never rest, but I also know He desires us to spend time with him in prayer and reading.... Ha ha prayer, all I can hear is, "MOM!!!!! Jacob hit me, NOOOOO I DID not!" "Mom, I thirsty", "Mom I am BOARD!", "MOM where's my sock?" The only time I get silence is sadly when I am alone in my car which is rare!

The earlier I try (and tell me if this happens to you) to get up my wonderful children seem to all the sudden not be sleepy any more and they are up at the crack of dawn at my feet and ready to go! Why is this? Do they some how know? It's like before the phone rings, the kids are quiet and playing and then this ring somehow break into their silence and WHAM.... they all the sudden become Mr. Incredible and the Hulk fighting to the very end right at your feet!

So all this to ask if anyone else is like me or am I a duck on an island here? Well, no I guess I wouldn't be cauz then I would have all the time to read that I wanted to except... ducks can't read, AHHHHH!

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