April 18, 2008


Yesterday I recieved a call from AAA Medical that our stander after 3 attempts has finally been approved! Thank you LORD! All in His wonderful timing and reasons... of course I know this time was used to teach me endurance, trust and patience oh and a little letter writing skills too! The only two things Medicaid did not approve is the much needed tray and a grasping bar which are both very important, so I am back to square one with getting letters from doctors saying it is medically necessary that she have them. But hey, after what we've been through already with just the stander, this should be a walk in the park... watch me eat my words in a month! Thank you all for your continued prayer in this! Oh wait, I can hear some of you asking, "Well do you have it now or when do you get it?" This will take a month or two give or take, could be longer, but lets hope not.

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