April 15, 2008

Here we come again hippo therapy!

Thanks to my sweet, sweet Auntie Alice in Germany, Abby Grace got to ride Smokey Joe yesterday! She did so well and her therapist mentioned that Abby laughed out loud a few times and used her voice to make all kinds of noises! The 1st time Abby rode Lady Bug she stayed on for 28 min., the second time she stayed on for 35 min. and yesterday she rode a whole 55 min. and loved it! I forgot to grab my camera (duah!) so I don't have any new photo's, but this coming Monday I will shoot some more and post them up for you all to see. I am taking Abby to the x-ray tech on Wednesday to get new x-rays of her hips and then Thursday we will see Dr. Apkon to see the results compared to her last set of x-rays. Please pray for us when we are at this appointment at 1:15pm. Again a big heartfelt thank you to my special Aunt for helping us with the funds so Abby is able to continue the hippo therapy and thanks to all of you faithful ones for your continued prayer in light of this situation!

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