April 18, 2008

The results are in...

We saw Dr. Susan Apkon with Children's Hospital Rehabilitation department today and she reviewed Abby's hip x-rays. I am very happy to say that her images have not changed. You can see here from her x-ray the space between the hip ball and the hip socket on both sides have fallen 1/3 of the way out. Dr. Apkon is hopeful they will stay or improve with time in the stander and continued hippotherapy and that is why I was fighting so hard to get this stander, because our alternative solution was surgery if her hips continue to slip! We will see the doctor again in 6-9 month with new x-rays.

I also found out today that Abbys left leg is shorter than the right and her foot is much smaller!!! I was a bit scared about this, but but Dr. Apkon re-assured me that she was fine and that this was due to her stroke and loss of use of her left side. "When a body part is not used it tends to not grow" she said. How true is that with the Body of Chirst! When we are comfortable in our ways, sit back and don't do... we don't grow spiritually. A friend broke her toe and she said that it has given her a whole new meaning to "The Body" (Romans 12) ... no matter how small or insignaficant a part is when it is injured... a paper cut perhaps, you realize how much you depend on it in your day to day activities! How important it is that we stay in Gods word, refresh and be active lest we take heed and not grow!

Wow where did that come from? Its 2:59 in the morning!!! Isn't it wonderful when the Lord wakes you up and shows you simple truth when our thoughts are on Him!

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