April 18, 2008

Cars For Sale

I have listed both our Tahoe and Infiniti on Craig's List. Anyone know anyone looking to buy a great used car? In order to get this van for Abbs we have to sell a car. Please pray that we sell quickly. Any questions you can search both on Craig's List/Denver. I am working with a couple of dealers to find the best price for the new mini-van. We were tossing around Honda and Toyota and decided to go with Toyota. I never dreamed I would be driving a mini-van! But, to be honest they're really a nice vehicle and is the best fit for Abby all around, especially for travel as it provides space for her to lay down and streach out when needed and a changing room which is something that most moms don't have to worry about after age 2. So, we are off and running and would love your support in prayer and passing along the word of our for sale items!

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