April 28, 2008

Dr. Devinskie

Once you find a doctor that cares, they are a gem you hold close... and don't let go! I called Dr. Devinskie this morning left a message and his office called back shortly after with his response to increase Abigail's dosage back to what it was on the 16th. I am hoping that tonight I don't have a deja'vu of the past evenings and am holding my breath... So far so good, it is 8:23pm and she has not made a peep. Thank you all for your prayers. I was telling a friend today that it's o.k. that I continue to go through these trying times... I know the Lord will use them for His glory. This is my sole purpose of this site... Reaching out to others, to let them know they are not alone on their journey and the only way to identify with them is to be a well seasoned veteran myself. Just today I met a sweet lady in the WalMart parking lot with her precious daughter of 4 years. Little Autumn suffers from seizures and the doctors are stumped... she is at a loss of what to do. I told her of Devinskie and I pray he will be able to help this sweet, sweet little angel. Oh she was adorable! Autumn's mom was sharing that her friends don't understand what it means when she gets excited over the little (yet massive) miracles... A smile, laughter, rolling over etc. She was so excited and so was I that we could bond over understanding one another as we shared together the yearning hope a parent has for their child and the joy that is felt when the "little miracles" arrive! How wonderful the Lord is as He has brought two complete strangers together today and an instant, a bond was formed from two precious iddy-bitty little angels suffering from epilepsy. This is why we are here, right... traveling along our destined perfect path, enduring the sovereign trials along the way so that we might encourage and come along side others that are suffering all the while being sanctified! What a blessing our lives are! I pray you each look at every day as blessing from above... make a difference... sojourn on, preserver and don't give up hope for tomorrow you may bless and encourage another! Oh... there she goes... my little lamb has awoke... Thank you Lord Jesus for my blessing upstairs calling for me now with her screams.

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