April 6, 2008

Say what? $65K for a wheelchair van?

Welp... I am looking into this necessary item for Abby. She will only continue to get bigger and heavier and as it stands now, lifting her is taking it's toll on my back. It was a shock to hear the price but I was told the conversions are really expensive. I went to look at them down in Colorado Springs and it was a dose of reality for me. The salesman mentioned getting as many grants as possible to help cushion this price tag which is a great idea, but I am the one who is going to have to dive into this absolutely blind. Some of you may be asking, "Can you find a used one for less money"? Yes, we can but the sales man mentioned that all used vans are availiable because prior owners or family members have died. Yikes.... I don't expect anyone to understand why this does not sit well with my heart nor could I expect you to, but I can not go there. I have looked into a few things and found that grants come with expiration dates, usually have an extensive evaluation, requires knocking on business doors, and the process takes about 3 or so months. If anyone knows how to do this or has any advice or knows companies willing to give grants I would greatly appreciate it! One gal at The Castle Rock Chamber of Commerce asked of Abby's situation and said she is in a group that helps get grants and wanted to know if she could put Abby's name in the hat for her group to work on. I was taken back and felt so blessed! She said it would only be about $250.00 but hey it's $250.00 in the bucket! I know God is in control and will open doors for us, but please pray for me as I begin this journey of un-knowns! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Tam & Abby!

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