March 27, 2008

Taking My 1st Assisted Steps!

Today was a incredible day! Kara, Abby's new and wonderful PT came for her weekly visit and assisted Abby in taking a walk around her bedroom and up and down the hall! What a awsome thing to see, Abby in her new shoes/AFO's actually kicking both legs out, one after another to take a step forward with no help! Usually, we walk together but I push her legs from behind to get her to step forward but today she actually took between 1-5 steps at a time all by herself! She was so excited and would pat her tummy as if to say, "Lookie at me!" I wish I had a video camera to tape so you could all see... maybe someday, but for now I hope these pictures somehow capture what she did on her own! See the hippo therapy works! She has only been riding twice and is wanting to take steps... Oh I am so sad that we can't continue, but the Lord knows.... Thank you all for your prayers!!

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