March 26, 2008

By-By Ladybug...

I am very sad to report that we have had to stop hippotherapy. Come to find out we received a pretty hefty bill in the mail from Praying Hands Ranch, which we were not expecting. I was under the impression that they billed our insurance company/ medicaid, but I was wrong. This is all new to me so I didn't ask in the beginning and just assumed being that they asked for all that information in the beginning. I called to clarify and they are not set up to bill either nor do except credit cards! There is another ranch in Franktown that has a PT who is certified to bill insurance/medicaid, but does not have an opening for Abby until June 08. What a disappointment this is because Abby just absolutely loves her Monday appointments and shows it as soon as we open the door to go in... she smells the horses and smiles, giggles and kicks her legs! We just have to mention Ladybugs name at home or in the car and she immediately starts smiling and kicking! The other reason this is such a disappointment is because of her hips. The rehabilitation therapists strongly suggested this as a means to help greatly with her hip condition. So having to hold off on top of the new that her stander still held in "denied" status from medicaid is not encouraging news! TRUST IN THE LORD I keep telling myself... After all we have been through with Abby, nothing is a ride on "easy" street! Instead we are blindfolded and set off on a go-cart with no breaks... and this life lesson that seems not to seize echos in my heart: "trust Him"! He knows all and loves Abby far more than we ever could... She is in His hands all of her... hips, eye sight, seizure control, feeding issues, her pain, her every heart beat all held in His hands. So, yes I am disappointed, but I know He is in control. Waiting is not easy... as a mommy I want to fix it NOW... Abby does not know any different so we can all plainly see this is just for my own good... Etching trust back into my heart, letting go and patiently watching Him move in His mysterious ways. Isn't God good, to love me enough continue to mold me and make Jesus' image shine through my heart!

Psalm 34:8 Oh taste and see that the Lord is good!

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