March 25, 2008

Mommy's Back ~ OUCH!

Well, last week I went to see a specialists in orthopedics as my back is not doing all to well. With Abby growing and gaining weight it is getting more difficult to carry her around and to lift her. Now I know your thinking, "She is only 3 and what, 29lbs"? Yes that is true, but she is 29lbs of dead weight! This is much different than carrying a 3 year old that can cling to you and hold themselves up in order to help out a little! Not to mention I don't have a good back to begin with. The results so far show my L4/s & L5/s both have a good amount of facet joint osteoarthritis with a possibility of disc bulge and a cysts. I am on a anti-inflammatory for now and tomorrow, March 26 I will be getting an MRI to see if there is a disc bulge or cysts. I have always trusted the Lord with my back, only He knows my limits... and please don't say, "He only gives us what we can handle" this I know, trust me... more than I care to admit sometimes. So if you read this before tomorrow 1pm please think of me. I will update as soon as I know further details. Happy Belated Easter... Matt and the boys were all sick and Abby was eating her fist from teething pain bless all their hearts! Hope yours was full of rejoicing! Tam

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