January 5, 2009

Kids say the funniest things!

So I made a few huge mistakes this morning... allow me to share...

1st Mistake: I truly believed my kids didn't start school until the 6th. Great, one more day of vacation for them and we get to spend a little more quality time together! This was all fine and dandy until the phone rings at 10:30 am and I hear a pre-recorded voice from the DCSD that Jacob and Joseph have been marked absent today, and that I need to call the school to confirm why. OPS!!! Well no ones perfect right!?!

2nd Mistake: Letting them sleep in until 11:00am! Well my excuse was that this was the 1st day in 5 that I have finally had nursing and I've already messed up with school so I'm gonna blog and I need peace in order to do so, so lettem sleep!

3rd Mistake: Moving Joey into Jacobs room. They have been hounding me that they want to be in the same room, so I obliged. We worked together as a team to get the job done, we had a good time... lots of teachable moments!

Here is where the funny part comes in...

About 2 hours after they are suposto be asleep, my youngest son, Joey comes down and says very sardonically;

Joey: "Mom, I can't sleep!"

Me: "Why buddy?"

Joey: "For 3 reasons!"

Me: "O.k. and those would be..."

Joey: "Well, ONE Jacobs bottom is in my face, TWO I don't like it and THREE (said with a furrowed brow) It STINKS!"

Ok, I am not sure the stinky bottom was my fault, but letting them sleep in toooooo long and making em go to bed way too early in new sleeping conditions... I take the blame for that!

Well, hopefully these new sleeping arrangements will pan out and the stinky bottom is a quick fix... I really don't feel like moving Joey back into my new guest room!

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