December 8, 2008

"I wanna be a little burned morsel!"

This morning I had the pleasure of having breakfast with my husband and what a blessed treat it was!  It was so nice to have a meal prepared for me as I melted into the booth with no worries of kids or what miss Abbys was fussing over.  I sipped hot coffee, talked with a handsome adult and relaxed!  Praise God for school & nursing!

I had ordered a wonderful breakfast that came with red potato's as a side dish. When my food arrived, the potato's looked so good I immediately dove in. My favorite part was the flavorful little burned morsels and the potato wedges that were crispy!  Oh the flavor was so good!   I have a point here, really!  As I took my 5th bite this thought came to mind, "I want to be a little burned morsel!"  

Just think... if you are like most Americans and I'm 99% sure you are, we all love the french fry that is the crispiest, the crispy skin off the turkey or chicken, the little morsels on the bottom of the skillet after cooking dishes, nuts that have been toasted, the marshmallow that's burned and crispy bacon! 

These parts, the "little burned morsels" are the most flavorful and have a walloping punch of flavor!  How'd they get this way... by sitting longer in the oven... being closer to heat, sitting over a hot flame.  Are ya following me yet?  No... well keep reading.

I thought of my on going trial with Abb's and all that God has and continues to teach me through them... and how each and every "little" & "big" trial with her has put me near the hot flame, close to the heat and "in the oven" so to speak where God can work on my heart and create in me the aroma of Christ i.e.; the little burned flavorful morsel!  

I know some of you are most likely thinking I've gone off the deep end, really I haven't, I just thought... "Hey, I want to be that flavorful for Christ.  I want to have an aroma about me that is pleasing to Him and that may bless others! So, in order to have this, I've got to be willing to remain close to the fire... having a teachable spirit, no matter the cost."   

For those of us that have a child with disabilities or have lost little ones, our trials... these on going journeys, they are gifts from God.  They allow us to draw near and more often than not remain in the fire where God draws near and works in our hearts... perfecting us for our ultimate destination.  

Funny how God taught me a valuable lesson through a little burned morsels at breakfast this morning!  I'm so glad He did and hope and pray that all reading will be reminded that tough times create seasonable times for our souls.  We just have to be willing and open to be taught!

"You know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance.  Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything." James 1:3-4

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