September 18, 2008

New Temporary Look

I know, I know I can't sit still, I can't keep the furniture in the same spot in the house for too long without rearranging it, I usually go through my clothes and toss/give away items that I can't stand washing and cause clutter, I am a little too organized beyond what I need to be and keep finding new ways, new ideas to be more organized and I love to change the look of my blog all the time.  My husband says I create organized chaos!  I think he is right, but I love what I do and its just my niche!

I am actually having it done here in the near future by another gal, she's got a long waiting list so in the mean time, I decided to go plain Jane, simple which is unusually odd for me, but I will try it for awhile.  

We are all doing o.k.  Abbs is still seizing.  I called Dr. Devinsky to try and schedule to see where the surgery would be inked on the calendar and the gal told me that he does not preform nero-surgery and that we have been referred to a Dr. Wiener who operates on peds.  As I furrowed my brow in dis-belief I questioned if she knew what she was suggesting because I was under 100% assumption that he would, why wouldn't he, he recommended it, he brought her case to the board of surgeons and he suggested his book to prepare us for the surgery!  Well, all this being said I spoke to him later that day and he confirmed that he does not preform the surgery that Dr. Wiener would and that if Abby was his child he would in a second have him do the procedure.  He mentioned many other things to back up that this doctor is an incredible doctor and that I should have no worries, they are all on the same team, just different roles. After doing my part in googling him and having Matt read to get his thoughts we are at peace.  Now we are just playing phone tag to hold a conference and then schedule a date.  Thank you all for your continued prayers.... I feel like I say this all the time, I am truly grateful!  Please see prayer requests on the side bar... I will try and keep these updated as I know more.

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