August 21, 2008


So, I am a little behind on my blogging and will try and catch-up here. Below is a slide show of a trip that we took to see Steven Curtis Chapman and a Rockies Game in the same day at Coors Field back when my dad was here visiting... yes, yes, I know I am really behind! We had a great time watching the game and chatting it up. After the game was over we headed down towards the 3rd base line to get seats for the concert. About 25 min. into it, it began to rain!!! Steven continued to play his solo until it was over and as you can see all his equipment was covered up even his key board! They told us if we wanted to stick around to see if the weather would subside they would too and continue if it stopped. We decided that we would stick around too and were glad that we did! There was a beautiful rainbow over the stadium after it stopped raining... I tried to get a clear photo of it but my effort was to no avail. Steven did a great job and we all teared up when he sang Cinderella! What an incredible family they are... please continue to pray for this sweet family and that God would continue to use them in a mighty way! Tam

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