May 21, 2008

We have, "SMILES" but some are not good!

Abigail's seizures have returned... I am very saddened to say. We are fortunate that they are not as horrible as they were in the past. For now she jolts pretty hard, her arms swing out and up and they get very stiff. Her head always turns to the right and they last anywhere between 1-5 seconds. Each day is different as the amount she is having, but she always smiles afterwards which I love because it makes me feel like she is saying, "It didn't hurt momma!" She used to have these rarely between her other seizures and we'd call them the "Happy Seizures".

I spoke with Dr. Devinskie yesterday and he has upped her medicine back to where she was originally in hopes that this stops them. I wonder if her body has become immune to the Sabril... Not sure, we will find out. We are going to NY again to see Devinskie and I ask that all would pray that we would get clear answers as to what is happening.

God has been so good for these past 1 and 1/2 years to bless us without any seizure activity. Matt and I are preparing each day for what He holds for us and Abigail... I see myself back in the rollercoaster and strapped in... The unknown lays ahead and wether good or not... I know that my Jesus is right there with me... "All for His glory", I shout! I may scream in hurt or shout out in joy, but either way I know I am being sancatified... "Let this ride begin"! I want to thank you all in advance for all your continued loving support in prayer for our little Lampkin! Blessings,

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