May 24, 2008

Reaching For The Stars!

Here's an update on the grant requests that were sent out to help aid in the cost of the Bruno Chair Lift System for Abby. I receive a call from Diane from the Castle Rock Chamber of Commerce and she mentioned a company that had not yet donated for the month of May and he wanted to know if she knew of a family in need in the Castle Rock area. She said she immediately thought of Abby and gave them our information and to expect a $500.00 check! WOW, how gracious! Diane also mentioned that she works for The "Women's Aid" group. They work on getting small funding for people in Castle Rock. They have selected Abby as one of three recipients to receive funds for the month of June... WOW, I was so overwhelmed her kindness! We are still waiting to hear from The "Friends of Man", a 100% charity group. We have "Reached For The Stars" by asking them for the full cost of the chair.... what could it hurt, I thought? All they could say is, "no". Maybe they'll offer a smaller amount, but we would be so grateful for anything! So, we I keep you apprised on this as we hear more. If you think of it, please pray for this chair to be fully funded as Abby and my back and our bank account would greatly appreciate it!

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