May 6, 2008

Guest Book

O.k. I have put a new side note to the right, but was not sure if all would read it so I am posting to let you all know that I am so touched everytime I get on Abigiail's site and see the many new countries and cities from across the world that have viewed her page! If you are visiting for the 1st time or coming back I hope and pray that Abby's site is an continual encouragment to you and blesses each and everyone. I too am blessed each time someone leaves a comment. It is nice to know people care, or are encouraged by what they read! So, I can't tell you enough how I would love to hear from you... Who you are, how you came across her site, if you were encouraged, what you liked, are you going through a trial and hurting, do you have any advice, have you been in my shoes; somewhat, similar, not at all.... Oh how I would love know your stories! I look forward to hearing from you all, even if it is just once and maybe even making a new friend from right next door, across the states or even in a new country! On the right in blue is a new Guest Book! Please stop by and say hello and share your stories! Sincerely,

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