March 19, 2008

AFO's: Ankle/Foot Orthoses: assists with walking

Sweet Photo of me and my nurse "Sarah"
We just got back from Children's Hospital to pick up Abby's AFO's. I think they would be uncomfortable,but Abby doesn't seem to mind them. She also got a pair of new tennies too, which I am sure somewhere we will be creatively billed for! She wears a size 5 and these tennies are a size 7 because these AFO's take up a lot of room. She is so precious... when we stood her up for the 1st time she got so tickled she giggled! I think she was excited to be standing without her little feet wobbling! She will have to wear these for 2 hrs. on and off for 2 days in order to get used to them and to see if she develops any blisters or needs adjustments. If your wondering... No, she can not stand alone she needs a lot of support/assistance. No, she can not walk nor do we know what the Lord has in store for her there. For right now this is the 1st step of a 1000 miles, but it's one step! We are currently working on getting her a stander which she will uses these AFO's with but it has been denied from Medicaid! Arugh....

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