March 9, 2007


Hi everyone, March 8th I turned "2"! Mom says I have grown so much developmentaly and my favorite nurse Jamie says I have too! Lately, I have rediscovered my passy and just love it, although I kinda have a tough time keeping it in my mouth, but when I get my cleft pallet repaired on April 10th we are all hoping it will help me create some good suction. I enjoy tasting food and love chocolate pudding, wow who created that stuff! I just take little bites here and there so I can get an idea of what it is like to swallow. After my surgery I am hopeing to go to town, so would you all pray for me on that day that everything goes well and that Jesus gives Dr. Pashley widsom to know exactly what to do. They are going to check my ears while I am sleeping to see if I need some little tubes to help my ears drain, but hopefully I won't have to get them. Oh did I tell you that I am rolling over now? I get a little frusterated now and again when I can't get my silly arm out from under me or in the right postion to roll over to my back, but I am determined to learn! Well that's all for now I have to get back to practing rolling! Love Abby

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