December 31, 2008

Wishing You A Blessed New Year!

It's 1:07 am and all are peacefully asleep. I, the only one who could steel awake only to hold onto the sweet moments of watching my little ones pass from one year to the next as they lay still deep in dream land. Its the last thing I did in 2008 and the first in 2009 blessing my sweet babies with a kiss! This echo still holds my heart... "Goodnight Mommy, Happy New Year and I love you!" The last words from my boys hearts in 2008... and my baby girl.. many giggles and smiles as she went down for beddy-by-time... oh, and most of all having my sweet husband safely home and by my side! What a way to end my year!

I know I am sentimental when it comes to lasts and 1st each time this year, but it's something I will always remember and something I will never hear or do again in that year. I am so thankful for this past year... and count each coming day a blessing.

They go by so quickly, don't they. I am reminded of many of my conversations with my little ones, things I could of done better, things I regret and moments I hold dear. Each year brings a new beginning, with new hopes and promises... The only one I wish to cling too is helping my little ones see the joy in knowing Christ... a challenge for me in my daily walk, but worth every moment through joy, laughter, pain, struggle and triumph!

May this year bring joy to your hearts and love to your soul!

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