December 23, 2008

My 1st Taste of Apples!

Lets face it, I say to myself... My Schmabadoosie loves food! I know this because I see the joy in her face as she gets a taste here and there! Her little pudgy legs and arms start up and that smile, ohhh that smile its so contagious!

I love seeing her smile as I say, "Some... Some, Abby Grace? The smile emerges and her little sweet cupid lips start in motion and she says, "galla, galla,galla"!

So... I don't care what the doc's say, they are all just "practicing medicine" anyway! Shoot, I'm living it and figure we'd get some cute little jars and some fun spoons and we'll "practice tasting" all she wants! I think she'll never strengthen that swallowing muscle if she doesn't eat right??? My thoughts too!

So here are some fun photos of her 1st taste of apples!

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