October 14, 2008


O.k. so I wanted to post to let everyone know I am not falling off the deep in with my walk with the Lord because I've read this book, nor am I raising it higher than the Bible!  Although I appreciate your concerns, really... I am o.k.

The reason I love this book comes from a perspective of creativity and only that.  I am a photographer for goodness sake and absolutely love to be stimulated visually.  I love Gods creation, all of it and my imagination goes crazy when I dream of what its gonna be like when I see my Saviors face, look upon God in all His glory and experience the Holy Spirit in perfection all in heaven... this day I long for!   

With this being said, one of the parts of this book that touched me the most was Macks walk in the garden with the Holy Spirit "Sarayu"...  "It was chaos in color.  His eyes tried unsuccessfully to find some order in this blatant disregard for certainty.  Dazzling sprays of flowers were blasted through patches of randomly planted vegetables and herbs, vegetation's the like of which Mack had never seen.  It was confusing, stunning and incredibly beautiful..." 

I also love Macks experience with Jesus on the dock...  "They made their way three-quarters up the dock and lay down on their backs looking up.  The elevation of this place seemed to magnify the heavens, and Mack reveled in seeing stars in such numbers and clarity.  Jesus suggested that they close their eyes for a few minutes, allowing the last effects of dusk to disappear for the night.  Mack complied, and when he finally opened his eyes, the sight was so powerful that he experienced vertigo for a few seconds.  It almost felt like he was falling up into space, the starts racing toward him as if to embrace him.  He lifted his hands imagining that he could reach out and pluck diamonds, one by one, off of a velvet black sky..."

There are so many more other parts of this FICTIONAL book that are chalk full of VISUAL stimulating things that I just loved...  

We all need to understand that there is a grave danger when a soul picks up a book and deems it as it's source of salvation, deems it as his bible.  This book is not the missing link and all readers should be cautious of this.  This is a humans FICTIONAL writings, its not God breathed nor did God write it!  This book is not a  theological reference point for a soul to grab on to and run with it, again go to the bible for this.... 

I know where I stand spiritually and I am not encouraging folks to read it so you can understand God better... go to the BIBLE for this.  My encouragement comes from the beauty of reading a HUMAN "trying" to describe time with God.   God does tell us in His word, "No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him - but God has reveled it to us by His Spirit." (1 Corinthians 2:9-10).  I love reading what other visually try and come up with.   Again his interpretation is just that... and, FICTION to boot... says so right on the book jacket!

So just so ya know... I am not running in the streets with a banner claiming this book reveals secrets that the Bible does not!  Nor am I claiming with my referral that this MAN, this author, Paul Young is taking the place of MY GOD or my theology!  Again folks it's fiction, it written by a imperfected  human being... he is not God!  

There I am done venting....

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