October 10, 2008

October 2008 Updates

Health Update
Abby and I have been terribly sick these past two weeks... I was hanging in there and then my body just gave in and I got hit hard.  Abby's is on the mend... she went from one ear infection to another with a yucky chest cough and green nose!  I am slowely coming around. It's gone from my head to my chest and now to my throat.  I refuse to go to the doctors...  I see enough of them for Abbs and don't care to pay co-pays, $$ visit and subscription invoices!  They're all just "practicing" anyways so what do they really know?  I know, I know not very wise coming from a momma with a child with disabilities!  Well, I didn't say I don't take her, besides she sees specialists & that's different in my book!!  

Surgery Update
I still have yet to hear from Dr. Weiners office about other dates other than December and I'm not too eager to call them.  Matt and I really don't want to go through with the surgery over Christmas, so it's looking like we're not going to move forward with those dates.

Nursing Update
We still don't have nursing, the main cause (I believe) why my body finally gave in to this sickness.  I have ALWAYS appreciated this service and felt guilty at times for having the help thinking to myself that I should be able to do this myself, but it is times like this when I am without that this truth comes thrashing hard against this weary old haggard body of mine.  I am no young pup and the drive in me that wants to do it all @ 150%, well this 150% is taking it's toll!  God is so good to remind me that I am not to lean soly on me rather I should daily lean on Him and His strength to sustain me.  I do, but not always and this is why I think this small season (without nursing) however long it may be is a loving, faithful consistent reminder that it is through Him that I draw my strength.

Seizure Update
Abbs is still seizing, nothing has changed really and since we are not going to forgo the December surgery I will be calling Dr. Devinsky to see if he wants to reduce her Sabril medicine and raise her dose on the other medicine.  I think his goal was to get her off Sabril all together so I will know more when I contact him.

Thanks to all that continue to read our site and care enough about our little lambkin to pray for her.  And thank you to those of you who have signed her guest book!  It is so super fun to see all that read her site, Blessings!

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