September 5, 2008


Well here it is and I absolutely give it my thumbs UP! This stroller is so durable!  It is soft and very comfortable for little ones!  I am always looking out for the best possible solutions for comfort for Abbs and this is top notch, very padded!!!!  

The price: $450.00 and it includes the 4 big wheels and 2 smaller swivel wheels and pump.  I had to purchase the rain cover, diaper bag and dinner tray separately, but out the door with free shipping I paid $530.00.

The weight capacity is 55 lbs via the mfg, but can hold 65 lbs I was told by the gal that sold it to me. This was my biggest concern that I get something that Abbs can use longer so I can stay away from the wheelchair industry!

Abbs loves it and its so easy to manuver!  Its a little hard with all 4 big wheels on, but its good for walking around outdoors or at the mall just not small tight places... then you'd need the swivels!  You CAN move with all 4 big ones, it just takes getting used to because all 4 wheels can move or just the front or the back, you choose, lots of choices.  The one big reason I am so glad that it comes with additional wheels is I use the big ones when we leave the house and the smaller ones when we come home.  This way I am not tracking the outside inside!  The wheels are super easy to pop off, just push that center button in and it slides right off!

Another neat features is that the the seat portion where the little bum goes, can be adjusted so that an infant or toddler can sit in a 90 degree angle (with their legs).  I have never seen that on any other stroller.

There are so many more accessories that it comes with, I just couldn't afford to get them all!

If you have any questions at all on this killer stroller just e-mail me or comment and I will get back to you!

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