August 31, 2008

A few More Things

O.k I went on Jess's blog and saw that she posted on what Alex uses.  I liked her idea of showing items other than durable medical equipment and such so I decided to post those as well. Thanks Jess for posting, I love that you followed suit, this way we can get a peek into each others lives! ;)  

This shot is of Abb's in her new walker using the toy hanger I made.  I just wanted to show you what it looks like in action.

These next shots are of where I sit to blog and steal away from life, my little sancuary!

These are a wedge set that Abby uses to lay on tummy to strengthen her neck and tummy muscles.  This set comes with all three heights.  I think we paid $190.00 for them.  They are non-skid and repel liquids.

O.k. these next shots are of a mini play table that Abby's 1st OT, Lisa S. made for her (she is brillant!)  Again, it is made out of PVC piping, shelf, few screws and a small wood board.  This 1st shot is of the base alone from a top angle and the 2nd shot is of the bottom to show how its made.  The 3rd & 4th shots are of the top part (front & back), again PVC piping and a wire closet shelf tied on to the PVC with velcro straps!  The last shot is what it looks like together.  This is a great table that sits low enough for Abby when she sits (assisted) on the floor.  She has the surface area to play on and a shelf to read or look at colorful things.  The top can be flipped & angled so that if she were to lay on the floor I could hang toys on it for her to bat at!

Heres Abby's formula, pump bag and DuoCal that she uses.  The DuoCal is used to add weight... I am thinking of taking her off because she's getting to heavy!

This is her feeding bag that I ordered from our healthcare provider, Apriah.  It fits the Zevex Infinity pump which, duah I forgot to shoot a photo of, oh well...

Abby's suction with two kinds of tips, the Yankar and nasal canula tip for the nose.

Well there you have it.  I am sure I will wake up tomorrow and think, "Oh... shoot I forgot..." Anyhoo, I am hoping and praying that tomorrow is very special for all my friends out there in blogger world!  

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